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February 21, 2024

NCAC advises  youths against ‘Japa syndrome’

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By Taiye Olayemi

The National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) has advised Nigerian youths to shun  the ‘Japa syndrome’, saying it does not  guarantee shortcut to affluence.

Mr Olusegun Runsewe, Director-General, NCAC,  gave the advice during a tourism and culture stakeholders meeting on Tuesday in Abuja.

The meeting meant to set agenda for the incoming government, had as its theme: “Culture, Peace and National Rebirth: An Agenda Setting”.

Runsewe gave instances where some youths travel abroad to embrace menial jobs which they found difficult to practice  in Nigeria.

He said it was high time the ‘japa syndrome’ was addressed as he urged the youth to remain creative and work on being self employed.

He noted that traveling abroad did not give room for automatic affluence.

“It is our duty to culturally guide the country, our youths are frustrated due to the state of the economy but it is not enough to travel out of the country to embrace menial jobs when they can stay and be creative to create wealth.

“There is the growing feeling of alienation among the vast majority of our youths,  manifesting in various forms of restiveness and the internationalisation and exhibition of vices that are at variance with our culture.

“We need to wake up to this reality and ensure the situation is promptly corrected as government and parents,” he said

Runsewe noted that the meeting was deliberately planned to guide the incoming government on what to be done in the cultural sector.

He said three garmane issues were addressed: the Japa syndrome, religious intolerance and violence as well as the need for cultural rebirth.

He appealed to Nigerian leaders at all levels to work as a team in providing the enabling social environment for the development of the nation by preaching peace, living in peace and working together in peace.

Also, Alhaji Nura Kangiwa, Director-General, National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR), said , “there is no greener pasture anywhere, the youth only need to be appropriately skilled to be self employed.

“The observation is also that the youth are too proud to embrace the reality; wasting their future abroad;  their choice of greener pasture can be created here in Nigeria as they embrace various skills.”

Earlier, Mrs Rebecca Ede, Chief Executive Officer,  Hadid Consult, said government’s assistance and urgent intervention was needed to position the youth to know what they have to project for wealth creation.

She advised that internet fraudsters should also be harnessed for rehabilitation  and reorientation.

She urged the youth to constantly upgrade themselves with some globally transferrable skills.
According to her, these skills refer to abilities or knowledge that extend beyond a specific role, function or profession

“The youth can empower themselves with power skills, also known as transferable skills like: problem solving, critical thinking, project management, relationship building, communication skills and technology skills.
“All these can be developed and served from Nigeria as they dominate the universe from home.
“These skills have the potential to be applied in various contexts, industries, or job functions, making them highly sought-after by employers worldwide.
“Possessing these skills can be an invaluable asset and can help you succeed, no matter where your career takes you. The good news is that developing these skills is straightforward, and they can be applied to any career path,” she said. (NAN) (nannews.ng)

Edited by Folasade Adeniran

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