ABU Alumni urges more diplomatic interventions on Niger Republic

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By Mustapha Yauri


The Ahmadu Bello University International Studies Alumni Association, has called for sustained diplomatic dialogue between the military in Niger Republic and ECOWAS leaders to restore democratic rule in the country.


A statement issued by Alhaji Abdullahi Shuaibu, National Public Relations Officer of the association in Zaria on Wednesday said the association strongly condemned the coup.


The association, however, cautioned against direct military intervention in the country.


It expressed concern on the unfolding events in Nigeria’s immediate neighbour, and the potential impact on peace and stability, as well as socio-economic interactions in the region.


The alumni association commended the efforts of ECOWAS towards restoring law and order in the West African country.


“However, in restoring democracy, ECOWAS should consider the immediate and long-term implications of its actions on the people of the Niger Republic and the wider West African sub-region.


“The regional body should also work towards addressing the immediate and remote causes of the political crisis in Niger Republic and strengthening the democratic institutions in the country to achieve good governance and inclusiveness in the country,” the association stated.


It stressed the need to apply more diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions towards a peaceful resolution and a quicker return to democratic governance in Niger Republic.


It also added that military action by ECOWAS might escalate the current situation into a humanitarian crisis and worsen the security challenges in the West African sub-region.


According to the association, it is much better and essential to adopt peaceful and diplomatic solutions to the political impasse.

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“We the alumnus suggest that ECOWAS should upscale diplomatic efforts to persuade the military leaders in Niger to relinquish power and allow the democratically elected government to reclaim the people’s mandate.


“ECOWAS should demonstrate more commitment to peaceful conflict resolution and regional stability,” it said.


It concluded by advising ECOWAS to pay more attention to the economic problems of the Sahel region, which are the harbingers of political instability and coup d’etats.


The ABU International Studies Alumni Association is an organisation of graduates of the International Studies and the Masters in International Law and Diplomacy degree programmes of the university.


It seeks to foster cooperation and interactions between the alumnus, the university, the department of political science and international studies, lecturers and students to promote scholarship and excellence in academics, national and foreign affairs.(NAN) (www.nannews.ng)

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