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February 27, 2024
You are currently viewing E-commerce coy adopts multifaceted approach to tackle fraud, unethical practices
Malou Caluza, Deputy Chairperson, QNET

E-commerce coy adopts multifaceted approach to tackle fraud, unethical practices

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By Funmilola Gboteku

QNET, a direct selling E-commerce company says it has adopted a multifaceted approach to combat fraudulent and illegitimate practices linked to the direct selling industry in Nigeria.

Malou Caluza, the Deputy Chairperson for QNET, disclosed this during a roundtable in Malaysia with journalists from Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

She said that QNET also planned to tackle the issues of misconceptions about its wellness and fitness products in Africa, especially in Nigeria.

Caluza explained that at QNET, there was zero policy for any misrepresentation or unethical practices of Independent Representatives (IRs) promoting the business.

“We have a dedicated network compliance department that monitors our network of IRs.

“QNET provides comprehensive training programmes to equip IRs with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate ethically, avoid fraudulent practices and provide accurate information to potential customers.

“We have also joined forces with local law enforcement agencies to apprehend scammers misrepresenting our brand in Nigeria,” Caluza said.

She added that the company took the allegations of fraudulent practices very seriously, and would take strong action against anyone found to be misrepresenting QNET.

According to her, QNET’s main focus is to maintain a trustworthy and fraud-free environment for its business operations in Africa.

Caluza said that QNET had invested in comprehensive awareness campaigns to educate the public about the modus operandi of scammers and how to distinguish them from legitimate QNET’s independent representatives.

“QNET has adopted a multi-pronged approach to combat the issue through public education, adherence to strict guidelines, collaboration with authorities, monitoring systems, customer support and training initiatives,” she said.

She noted that these initiatives aimed at empowering individuals to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to scams.

Caluza explained that by maintaining a strong moral compass, the company ensured that its representatives conducted business responsibly and transparently.

She, however, said that sometimes false allegations were made against some of the IRs, noting that several investigations are carried out before any IR is suspended or terminated.

Similarly, Biram Fall, the Regional General Manager for QNET’s Sub-Saharan Africa Operations, revealed that the company had invested heavily in the training and development of its independent representatives.

He said that the company had remained steadfast in its commitment to combat misrepresentation and empower individuals with the knowledge needed to distinguish legitimate opportunities from scams.

Also, the Chief Reputation and Transformation Officer for QNET, Trevor Kuna, said the company had implemented a robust monitoring systems to identify any suspicious activities or deviations from its policies.

According to him, regular audits are conducted to ensure compliance and to promptly identify and address any potential issues associated with scammers.

Ramya Chandrasekaran, Group Chief Communications Officer of the QI Group, said that customers could reach out to its support network to report any suspicious behavior and seek guidance on the legitimacy of transactions or representatives.

Also, Nikhil Patel, Chief Legal Officer, QNET, said that there were three types of scammers, the ones not associated with QNET, current IRs and former IRs. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Oluyinka Fadare

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