September 28, 2023
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TEXEM celebrates new chairperson of Society of Women Accountants of Nigeria


By Abigael Joshua


The UK leadership development organization, TEXEM UK has praised Mrs. Hilda Ozoh, the incoming chairperson of Society of Women Accountants of Nigeria (SWAN) for her outstanding achievements.








In a statement on TEXEM’s website signed by the Director, Special Projects, Caroline Lucas, it is stated that Ozor is an alumnus of TEXEM having attended its programme.








The programme she attended was titled “Strategic Leadership for Success in an Unknown Tomorrow” which was held between May 15 and May 19 in the United Kingdom.








“Mrs. Ozoh’s journey to this prestigious position has been nothing short of inspiring, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the field of accounting and her relentless pursuit of excellence.





“Mrs. Ozoh’s ascent to the position of National Chairperson of SWAN is a well-deserved recognition of her tireless efforts and exemplary contributions to the accounting profession in Nigeria.








“Her impressive resume speaks volumes about her dedication and expertise,” Lucas said.








She asserts that in the world of finance and accounting, leadership and dedication are essential qualities that pave the way for success.








Lucas said Ozoh’s participating in TEXEM’s programme reflects her forward-thinking approach and her commitment to staying at the forefront of leadership and strategic thinking in the ever-evolving field of finance and accounting.








Ozoh currently serves as the Honourable Commissioner at the Tax Appeal Tribunal for the Tax Appeal Tribunal (South-South Zone).








“Her role in overseeing tax matters and appeals in this critical region showcases her deep understanding of taxation and her dedication to ensuring fairness and justice in the tax system.








“Furthermore, Mrs. Ozoh’s involvement in various professional bodies and committees highlights her commitment to the betterment of the accounting and insurance sectors in Nigeria.








“She serves as a member of the Governing Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), showcasing her dedication to the advancement of the accounting profession,” the TEXEM Director said.








Lucas spoke of Ozoh’s role as Chairperson of the Risk Management and Compliance Committee at the Nigeria Insurance Association and her past position as Chairperson of the Accounting Technical Committee.








She said that Ozoh has demonstrated from these positions, her expertise in risk management and compliance, making her an invaluable asset to the insurance industry.





Lucas added that Ozoh’s membership in the Risk-Based Solvency Regime Committee underscores her involvement in shaping the regulatory framework of Nigeria’s insurance sector, ensuring its stability and integrity.








“As Mrs. Hilda Ofure Ozoh takes the helm as the National Chairperson of SWAN, she brings with her a vision of empowerment and progress for women in the accounting profession.




“Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring accountants, particularly women, who are striving to make their mark in this challenging field.


“Under her leadership, SWAN is bound to flourish as a platform for networking, mentorship, and advocacy for women in accounting,” she said.


Lucas said that Ozoh’s extensive experience and her commitment to gender equality in the profession will undoubtedly guide SWAN towards even greater heights. (NAN) (


Edited by Razak Owolabi










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