Gov. Mutfwang meets Plateau indigenes in FCT, urges diligence in national service

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By Naomi Sharang

Gov. Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau has urged indigenes of the state working in the federal service and living in the FCT to be diligent in the discharge of their roles.

He gave the advice in Abuja when he met with Plateau indigenes who are on the Directorate Cadre of the Federal Civil Service.

“The essence of this gathering is to begin to engender the spirit of being your brother’s keeper.

“We must look into how we can put ourselves together and create the necessary synergy that will help us to be able to build a good image of Plateau within the federal system.

“I am optimistic that there will be dividends that we can reap from such synergy.”

While calling on them to be thorough in the discharge of their duties, the governor urged them to be “the voice of the Plateau in the FCT.

“We need you to be a voice for us where employment is being given; we need you to be spokespersons for us where project sites are being decided.

“We need you to be our representative where discussions on development are being decided.

“We also need you to step in where some adverse decisions are being taken against us; we pray that God, who took you there, will help you to be able to quench any fire that can consume us.

“Many of you are self-sufficient in several ways. But I appeal to you to hear the cry of several younger people on the Plateau. They look up to you for assistance.

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“When you initially came to Abuja in search of greener pastures, you came in search of what to do to help yourself and your family, but God has raised you to a point where you need to look beyond yourself and your family.

“You need to know that the destinies of many people are connected to your destinies,” he said

The governor also called on them to work in synergy in order to achieve positive results, adding that they must be united for the common good of all.

“You must show renewed energy, strength and commitment to making sure that Plateau becomes one of the states to be reckoned with among the  comity of states in Nigeria.

“We, therefore, count on your support and contribution. We can only be great if we ride on your shoulders to become great. May you avail yourselves.”

He expressed commitment to attracting more federal presence in the Plateau.

“In every sector, we need federal presence; we need to see the roads that belong to the federal government brought back to life.

“We want to see the federal government’s presence in health, education. We want to be able to partner with the federal government in mineral development.

“In every facet, we want to see how we can rebuild our relationship with the federal authorities to ensure that all the advantages accruing from the centre are enjoyed on the Plateau,” he said.

Also speaking, Senate minority leader Simon Mwadkwon described the occasion as a very unique one and first of its kind.

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“Bringing us here to discuss the destiny of Plateau tells you the kind of person the governor is; he is someone that is ready to unite Plateau State.

“He is also ready to give Plateau a focus and a direction that will help us achieve what is good for the state.

“I believe that this gathering will offer us the opportunity to interact with one another as indigenes of Plateau.

“This meeting has nothing to do with political parties; it has nothing to do with ethnicity; it has nothing to do with religion. We are all citizens of Plateau.

“The whole thing is for us to know ourselves and to take the issue of Plateau state into cognisance. Whatever is our position, we should be focused toward how we can assist our state in terms of project, unity and peace building.”

He said that the governor would want to leverage on the positions of the indigenes in Abuja and that of Plateau lawmakers in the national assembly, to fashion out a vision that would help the state.

On his part, Rep. Chuwang Bagos (PDP-Plateau) said that in line with the governor’s slogan, “the time is now to bring new development into the Plateau.

“From the testimonies of Plateau indigenes in the civil service and even in the national assembly, this meeting is the first of its kind.

“If you see something like this that is the first of its kind, you know that our leader is a visionary leader.”

Bagos, who represents Jos South/Jos East Federal Constituency, said that the forum was aimed at creating an enabling networking environment between the Federal and the Plateau Government.

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“What the governor is trying to do now is to draw our attention to the fact that we cannot just rely on federal allocations.

“He is saying that we must tap from our human resources; we must get the best from the brains that we have from Plateau.

“We see this as a welcome development and we are going to give him all the support he needs to succeed.

“As Plateau lawmakers, we are looking at laws that are being established in the national assembly; we intend to domesticate them at home and build a synergy that will benefit us all,” he said.(NAN)

Edited by Ephraims Sheyin

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