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February 27, 2024
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Women with tattoos on their bodies

Men express divergent views on marrying women with tattoos

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By Esther Paul/Gift Bayo

Some men in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have expressed different views on marrying women with tattoos on their bodies.

The men made their views known in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

NAN reports that skin design or tattooing has become a trendy social ritual in reinventing the notion of the ‘self’ or perceived personhood.

Tattoos are a form of body modification that is made by inserting inks, dye and other colors to make drawings on the body, which may either be temporary or permanent.

NAN reports that while some described the trend as a sign of irresponsibility and religiously unacceptable, others opined that designing one’s body did not matter as long as they have good personalities and character.

Michael Peter, a business man, said that tattoos brought up negative impressions about a person.

According to him, women with tattoo can be perceived as cheaters, liars, irresponsible and wayward.

“Tattoo is a no-no for me; I will prefer to marry a lady with not so good qualities but without a tattoo, than having a lady that her body is covered with tattoos.

“In today’s society, people will always judge those with such on their bodies as morally undisciplined and they may see you, the husband, as irresponsible too, for marrying that kind of person.

“This class of people may even be calm and good but the society will always consider mingling with people without tattoos over the ones with it, that’s how I see it,” he said

Similarly, a parent, Mr Douglas Adebari, said that he would not allow his son marry a woman whose body has been pierced or designed permanently in the name of social trend.

“It shows a sense of irresponsibility and I will not accept it.

“The body is supposed to be a temple of God and therefore, must be kept sacred spiritually and physically as well. It is a definite no for me,” he said.

Also, Mr Philip John, a bachelor, said he would not marry someone with a tattooed body because his family would be against it, as his mother was a leader in the church and would never accept such.

However, Mr Okon Solomon, a businessman, said having a tattooed body should not automatically depict one’s personality and character.

According to him, people should learn not to constantly judge others by what they see on the outside and their physical appearance, but get to know them beyond the physical before judging them.

“I don’t have a problem with people having tattoos, especially women, as long as the person has the features am attracted to, like kindness, generosity, respectful and intelligent as well.

“This is because I might have a tattoo and still have kindness for humanity but the other person without a tattoo might be cruel, disrespectful and full of inhumane acts.

“So for me, it is not about how you appear but the kind of heart you have and how you treat others around you, he said,” he said.

NAN reports that in spite of the stereotypes that surround tattoos in today’s society, tattoos are not illegal in Nigeria and those wearing them are not criminals.

To some persons, it is just a fashion statement while to some it is a way of boosting self-confidence.(NAN)

Edited by Dorcas Jonah/ Chijioke Okoronkwo

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