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April 24, 2024
You are currently viewing How Nigerian leaders can check talent exodus, others — UK firm

How Nigerian leaders can check talent exodus, others — UK firm

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Prof. Rodria Laline, one of TEXEM’s faculties


By Abigael Joshua


TEXEM UK, a United Kingdom-based leadership development organisation, says the unabated exodus of talents from Nigeria to the UK primarily, constitutes a major but surmountable hurdle for the country’s leaders.


In a statement on TEXEM’s website (www.texem.co.uk), its Director of Special Projects, Caroline Lucas, said the challenge affects leaders in the country’s private and public sectors.


Lucas added that currency risks, high inflation, regulatory hurdles, failing business models, and the weighty cost of capital are among other challenges Nigerian leaders face today.


“These hurdles may appear insurmountable, but there is a beacon of hope on the horizon: the Customised Executive Development Programme titled “Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes,” organised by TEXEM, UK.


“The programme will be held from November 27 – 30, 2023, at Hilton, London in the United Kingdom.


“This programme, led by an esteemed faculty, promises to deliver actionable solutions and insights to these pressing issues through proven, engaging methodologies that make learning fun, memorable and actionable,” she explained.


According to the Director, the programme is the missing piece of the puzzle that can supercharge organisations and leaders in Nigeria.


Lucas said that in a world marked by swift change, the coming programme empowers leaders to adapt and guide their organisations through transitions.


She said distinguished and eminent thought leaders, including Prof. John Peters, Prof. Rodria Laline, and Prof. Paul Griffith, would lead the programme.


Peters, a former Prisoner of War and, Royal Airforce Fighter Pilot and past Chair of the Association of MBAs, accredits London Business School, Harvard, Wharton, and INSEAD.


He brings invaluable lessons on successful leadership in turbulent times, providing the skills needed to navigate with confidence.


“Attendees will refine their strategy under the guidance of Professor Rodria Laline in “Building Governance for Digital Transformation.”



“Digital transformation is no longer a choice but a necessity. Prof. Laline, an accomplished CEO and founding Director of Harvard Maiximise Your Board Programme, brings an enormous wealth of experience in global research and development.


“She will inspire participants on how to align governance with innovation, fostering a culture of innovation and resilience within their organisations – a crucial strategic advantage in today’s world,” Lucas said.


She said the programme’s itinerary, which includes company visits, group discussions, assessments, and role plays, ensures that participants gain practical, hands-on knowledge.


Lucas added that this translates to an enhanced ability to learn and adapt rapidly, a vital aspect of sustainable success.


She disclosed that the “Change Management and Organisational Culture” session will be delivered by Prof. Paul Griffith, the world’s first Professor of Management to launch a rocket into space fifteen years ago successfully.


Lucas said that Griffith will inspire executives and challenge assumptions about winning strategies that drive lasting transformation.


“Change is constant, and effective change management is an art. 70 percent of change initiatives fail. Hence, leaders must be deliberate and strategic to inspire successful change management.


“A seasoned thought leader, Prof. Griffith, will guide participants on better decision-making for enduring success.


“By attending the “Leading Transformation for Strategic Outcomes” programme, Nigerian leaders can unlock a wealth of benefits for their organisations,” she said.


According to Lucas, the event is not just a programme; it’s an exceptional opportunity to drive organisations towards enduring success.


The director also shared testimonials from previous TEXEM delegates from Nigeria, which she said speaks volumes about the value-added executives will derive from participating in its programmes.



“I’ve enjoyed the orderliness of the organisers. I’ve enjoyed the presentations of the consultants. I’ve enjoyed the practicability of the consultants.


“They bring in life examples in all their presentation, then with that one, the participants could be carried along. It’s not theoretical.


“You know, you can see they also practicalise by bringing in life events, even using themselves as examples. So that really sends the message deep into our hearts. And that’s wonderful…” says Sonya Ogunkuade, Hon. Commissioner and Former Special Assistant to the President.


“The program has been very interesting, exciting, knowledge sharing, and it has actually brought about a greater insight into what leadership is,” Akinwunmi Lawal, MD/CEO of NPF Microfinance Bank PLC. said.


Ifeanyi Ani, CEO of Total Pension CPFA, said, “I regard the These Executive Minds Executive Education programme as the best I have attended in recent times. Not one of them, but the very best as it was humanly perfect.


“My favourite thing about the programme would be…drawing our attention again to… change, which has been a constant in life experiences, you know, change in our lives, change, you know, in businesses…


“The evolution of businesses and the way we do things…discussions, for example, on cyber security and mental health, which is not just equipping us to know what is happening around us.


“Even equipping us personally, our mental health, paying attention to also the ever-evolving cyber security… Those are things I would say that made it very, very interesting”.


Also, Ambassador Mustafa Sam, Non-Executive Director, Jaiz Bank, had this to say, “I found that it’s quite a new approach to workshop than I’m used to because I’ve attended so many workshops organised by other organisations.


“But I found that the approach made by TEXEM is quite different. First of all, when I found that the first day of the programme would be visits to Shakespeare’s birthplace and also to visit a chocolate factory, I was sceptical.


“So I said, I’m in love with Shakespeare, but I just said, what is it to do with business or whatever it is?


“But then after the visit and then to the two places and coming back and then I could see the collaboration between what I’m supposed to know, and I really could understand the issues there.” (NAN) (www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Razak Owolabi

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