December 2, 2023
You are currently viewing IATF 2023: Oilserv Group targets African market expansion
Dr Emeka Okwuosa, Chairman, Oilserv Group

IATF 2023: Oilserv Group targets African market expansion

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By Emmanuella Anokam

Oilserv Group is targeting expansion in African market through the forthcoming Intra African Trade Fair (IATF 2023).

The company said the event would serve as an avenue to take advantage of the African market, to provide commercial prospects and showcase competence from an indigenous African operators’ perspective.

The Chairman of Oilserv Group, Dr Emeka Okwuosa, in a statement said the fair would serve as a platform to exploit the African market with its business opportunities.

The trade fair is scheduled to hold from Nov. 9 to Nov. 15, 2023 in Cairo, Egypt.

Okwuosa said participation in the trade fair would offer insights into local regulations, energy landscapes, and market trends, enabling Oilserv to tailor its services and solutions effectively

“Participating in the Intra African Trade Fair is very important for Oilserv, a Nigerian energy company with ambitions to expand its business footprint across the African continent and beyond.

“The event will serve as an invaluable platform for Oilserv to explore new markets beyond Nigeria, it will also provide a unique opportunity to establish and nurture connections with potential partners, industry stakeholders, and decision makers in various African nations.

“Furthermore, the IATF will present prospective business opportunities. Oilserv can use this event to discover potential energy projects, contracts, and investments that align with our core expertise and services.

“It is crucial for Oilserv, a Nigerian energy firm with plans to grow its clientele throughout Africa and beyond, to take part in the IATF to attract potential partners and investors who can help us tap into the vast unrealised potential of the African market.

“This event will not only allow us to establish new business connections but also strengthen existing relationships with key stakeholders in the industry,” he said.

He said that the company’s top management team will be on ground at the event to leverage on prospect the IATF would offer to showcase expertise, extensive experience, and track record.

This, he said, would enhance the company’s credibility in new African markets as well as to attract potential investment and partners.

“Participation in the IATF aligns perfectly with Oilserv’s strategic growth plans,” he added.

The IATF is a pan African business to business {B2B} cross sector trade fair with primary purpose to serve as a pivotal platform for African buyers and sellers to convene and explore various business opportunities.

The central theme for IATF2023 is: “Building Bridges for a Successful AfCFTA,” which places a strong focus on recognising and seizing growth opportunities within intra African cross border trade and investments. (NAN) (

Edited by Chinyere Joel-Nwokeoma

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