NCDC inaugurates five-year plan to strengthen health security in Nigeria

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By Abujah Racheal

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) has launched a visionary five-year strategic and implementation plan (2023-2027) during its Health Security Partners’ meeting in Abuja.

Themed “Vision to Action,” the plan underscores the commitment to health security as a core element of the ministerial agenda for the health sector.

Dr Ifedayo Adetifa, the Director-General of NCDC, highlighted the agency’s mandate to advance health security interventions with a focus on being Strategic, Ambitious, working with Speed, and at Scale (SASS).

According to him, it aligns with the presidential and ministerial agenda for health and includes a digital transformation agenda, emphasising high-quality crosscutting public health informatics.

Adetifa emphasised the strategic plan’s goals, implementation, and delivery plans, building on the achievements and lessons learned from the previous strategy (2017-2022).

The new strategy reflects the priority of strengthening subnational health security, fostering collaboration with state and local governments through the Subnational Support Department.

The plan also equips the Department of Planning, Research, and Statistics with tools and training to advance monitoring, evaluation, and learning within the agency.

Adetifa noted that NCDC’s vision remains a “healthier and safer Nigeria through the prevention and control of diseases of public health importance.”

“NCDC’s vision remains a healthier and safer Nigeria through the prevention and control of diseases of public health importance.

“The vision cascades into a mission statement, further broken down into seven key strategic goals, 41 objectives, and 225 corresponding activities with defined outcomes for the next five years.

“Furthermore, a performance management structure has been instituted to oversee and coordinate the execution of various initiatives to assess NCDC’s progress toward achieving its strategic goals.”

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He said that the framework would prioritise and align efforts across the agency’s departments and divisions to enable development partners to key in for collaboration.

He also said it would protect the health of Nigerians against emerging public health threats and evolving challenges.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that in 2022, NCDC conducted an end-term review of the implementation of the 2017-2022 strategy to identify successes, challenges and learnings built on to develop the new five-year strategy. (NAN)

Edited by Chidi Opara/Hadiza Mohammed-Aliyu

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