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February 26, 2024
You are currently viewing NGO offers bread of hope to 150 Makoko children

NGO offers bread of hope to 150 Makoko children

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By Aderonke Ojediran

Lagos, Nov. 24, 2023 (NAN) The Bread of Hope Foundation, through its subsidiary Children of the Slum (COS), took no fewer than 150 children from Makoko to the Silver Bird Cinema, at Ikeja City Mall.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that in the spirit of the Christmas season on Friday children aged between two and 17 years were taken to experience the thrills of the the cinema scene.

NAN reports that Bread of Hope is an international registered Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) working globally in low income earning communities.

The NGO,  founded two years ago by Vivian Okojie, has the mission to empower children and build their confidence in life.

Okojie expressed joy as she and her team were able to put a smile on the faces of the children.

“Today was an opportunity to help children living in Makoko, often unseen, often unheard to see beyond their present circumstances, to dream bigger.

“I believe if a child can see it, a child can be it. But in order to become, he or she must be given a clear picture of the possibilities. Today was a day of many firsts for 150 children.

“But it is also the beginning of Bread of Hope’s commitment to make sure children in underserved communities are heard, are seen, and are inspired to become more,” she said.

The children were treated to a Disney movie title Wish and given carbonated beverages and popcorn to nibble on while they watched the movie.

Deborah Adebisi, an 11 year old girl, told NAN she was excited to visit the Ikeja City Mall, adding that “I want to say a big thank you to our sponsors. I have never seen a place like this”.

Similarly Richard Maseka, a 17 years old Primary four student, told NAN he had never stepped outside of Makoko community.

“Even in my dreams I can’t picture this because I have never seen a place like this. Since I’ve been born I have never been out of Makoko. I will forever cherish this experience,” he said.

The children were taken for some ice-cream and pizza at the Domino’s pizza and a fun day at the DLA Amusement Park Ikeja.

Oludare Adebiyi, the Project Manager of Bread of Hope, told NAN that the NGO is focused on giving children from the slum the possibility to dream big and not be confined because of their environment.

“This won’t be a one-off thing. Hope is all we all need most especially children, learning for them shouldn’t just be about the classroom. Their enthusiasm for this movie outing is contagious.

“Some of our challenges is the fact that everything is being monetised, by the same community we are trying to help, for instance we were told to pay before we got on the boat.

“We hope to have more partners get involved and give us their support,” he said.

Similarly, Temple Lawrence told NAN that the joy on the faces of the children shows that there’s hope for them in the future.(NAN) (www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Ismail Abdulaziz

Ismail Abdulaziz

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