NCC partners correctional service to unlock inmates’ creative talents

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By Aderogba George

The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) has partnered with the Nigerian Correctional Service to implement a “train the trainer” programme to harness the creative talents hidden within the prison walls.

The programme equips inmates with skills for creative expression, offering a pathway to self-discovery and rehabilitation.

Dr John Asein, the Director-General of NCC, announced this partnership during a two-day Sensitisation Workshop held in Abuja.

Emphasising the untapped creative potential among inmates, Asein expressed the Commission’s commitment to building their capacity, enabling them to contribute to the creative sphere post-incarceration.

Representing the Director-General, Mr Emeka Ogbonna highlighted the NCC’s role in copyright matters, underlining the strategic collaboration with the Nigerian Correctional Service, which focuses on inmate rehabilitation and reintegration.

The sensitisation workshop aimed to raise awareness about the uses and significance of copyright.

Asein stressed the importance of intellectual property protection, reinforcing the NCC’s dedication to fostering creativity even within the prison system.

Controller-General of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Haliru Nababa, commended the NCC for its partnership in educating correctional officers about copyright-related issues.

Nababa, represented by Deputy Controller-General, Training, Staff and Development, Ahmed Tukur, acknowledged the transformative power of the creative industry in driving positive change and economic development.

Nababa emphasised the critical role of copyright in safeguarding the intellectual property of authors, musicians, visual artists, and creators of sound recordings and audio-visual works.

This collaborative effort between the NCC and the Nigerian Correctional Service marks a significant step towards unlocking the potential of incarcerated individuals and promoting their reintegration through creative endeavors. (NAN) (

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Edited by Deji Abdulwahab

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