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February 21, 2024

Foundation unveils policy guide on electoral process

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Cleen Foundation on Thursday unveiled a policy guide for stakeholders on ways to improve the electoral processes in Nigeria.

Mr Gad Peter, the Executive Director of the foundation performed the ceremony in Abuja, saying that the policy guide was done with support from Legal Defence Assistance Project (LEDAP) in partnership with MacArthur Foundation.

Peter said that the document would serve as guide to stakeholders on pre-election, election and post-elections matters, and especially on election petition tribunals processes.

He said that the 2023 general election was a pivotal moment in the country’s history and democracy and it was imperative to critically examine the outcomes in order to strengthen the electoral system.

He also said that the election petition tribunals played a crucial role in addressing concerns and ensuring justice for all parties involved hence the need to understudy it.

“We unveil the insights gathered from the meticulous examination of these tribunals and their impact on the electoral landscape.

“The policy brief is not just a collection of legal analyses; it is a reflection of our commitment to fostering a fair, credible, and transparent electoral process.

“The document represents an in-depth analysis of the legal processes, challenges, and implications that emerged during the resolution of electoral disputes.

“As we delve into the key findings, challenges, and recommendations, let us keep in mind that our collective efforts can shape the future of our democracy,” he said.

Peter urged stakeholders to navigate through the document with open mind and share commitments to building a stronger democratic foundation for Nigeria.

He said that the lessons drawn from the analysis when implemented would guide stakeholders in making informed decisions for the betterment of the country’s electoral process.

Mr Salaudeen Hashim, the group’s programmes director, while presenting the findings from 2023 election tribunal observation, said that transparency in the tribunal proceedings was crucial for public confidence in any electoral system.

Hashim said that observers noted varying levels of transparency across different states adding that in some instances, the tribunals conducted proceedings openly allowing the public and the media to observe which was laudable.

He urged the media to create awareness and sensitise the public on laws and policies on election dispute adjudications and to refrain from sensational reportage on election matters, government and governance.

Mr Adeshina Oke, the foundation’s consultant who also presented the policy brief from the findings of the 2023 election tribunals’ observation, said that the roles of the judiciary in every electoral process could not be overemphasised.(NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Abiemwense Moru/Ali Baba-Inuwa

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