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March 2, 2024
You are currently viewing Pakistan willing to work with Nigeria to strengthen economic ties – Envoy
Mr Sohail Khan, the newly deployed High Commissioner of Pakistan to Nigeria

Pakistan willing to work with Nigeria to strengthen economic ties – Envoy

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By Maureen Okon

The newly deployed Pakistani High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Sohail Khan, on Thursday said his country is willing to work closely with Nigeria to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries.

Khan said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

The envoy said the economy is the key driver of the all-round growth of every nation’s advancement, adding that for any country to be reckoned with globally, its economy must be strong and stable.

He explained that his appointment as the Pakistan High Commissioner to Nigeria is aimed at positioning him to deploy his experience in further strengthening the bilateral ties between both countries.

Khan said that Nigeria and Pakistan could attain greater heights together given the similarities both countries share and the diplomatic and economic relations existing between them since they became independent – Pakistan on Aug. 14, 1947, and Nigeria Oct. 1, 1960.

“The economy is the driver of a country’s growth. And it is a very great honour to become the High Commissioner representing a country in another country that is popularly known as the giant of Africa. It is a very great privilege and I cherish it with gratitude.

“Pakistan as a country has enjoyed a very good relationship with Nigeria in terms of the signing of international agreements, diplomacy, and economic relations.

“In the past, many Nigerians have come to Pakistan to train in engineering.

“Some became doctors in Pakistani colleges. Similarly, many Pakistani citizens have come to Nigeria and they became professionals – teachers, engineers, etc – to help Nigeria develop its economy.

“Currently, there are many Pakistani citizens who are doing white-collar jobs in different corporations in Nigeria.

“You can find them in the oil and gas industry. That is the beauty of healthy diplomatic relationships,” he said.

The Pakistani high commissioner added that his country can play a crucial role in the further development of Nigeria’s human resources and defense industry. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Francis Onyeukwu/Emmanuel Yashim

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