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March 3, 2024
You are currently viewing Valentine’s Day: Writer presents book ‘Shackles of Love’ to public
Illustration for the book Shackles of Love

Valentine’s Day: Writer presents book ‘Shackles of Love’ to public

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By Chidi Opara

A writer Chika Obodozie, has presented a book titled ‘Shackles of Love’ to members of the public, to mark the 2024 Valentine’s Day celebration.

Obodozie told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday that the book showcased how Africans brought their acts to America.

He said the book highlighted the cost of true love and the price those who dare to fall in love, pay to earn it.

He said that the book can be obtained in major bookshops in America, UK, Nigeria and other western countries.

“One can also visit Amazon.com to download the book which is really fascinating to read,” Obodozie said.

According to Obodozie, the book is set against the backdrop of Southern California during one of the worst heat waves of the 20th century, where lives meet, and you can never tell if you are on the set of a movie or in real time.

“In a very fascinating world where nothing is left to chance, there are no free lunches and those who dare to love, pay the price.”

Obodozie also said the book had a Hollywood setting in a world built on illusion, fantasy and passion as well as a world where everything and everyone had a price.

“From the tender and innocent LaKita and Precious, to the man-eater “Gift” who vainly seeks to heal a lifetime of hurt by making men pay for what others give for free,” he said.

The book portrayed a life of flamboyance, luxurious living and a loose affiliation of millionaires on the prowl for tender flesh, a little affection, and lot of attention but sadly, love is not an option.

The book tried in essence to deal with the gains and futility of love and life. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Emmanuel Afonne

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