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April 22, 2024
You are currently viewing NDC Course 32 participants begin study tour of 6 countries
The Commandant, National Defence College (NDC), Rear Adm. Olumuyiwa Olotu and Rwandan Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Mubarakh Muganga, during a Regional Study Tour by the participants of NDC Course 32 to Rwanda on Wednesday (21/2/24)

NDC Course 32 participants begin study tour of 6 countries

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By Sumaila Ogbaje

The Course 32 participants of the National Defence College, Nigeria (NDC), have commenced a study tour to Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Guinea Bisau, Morocco and Benin.

The theme for Course 32 study tour is “Strengthening National Unity for Security and Development in Nigeria” while Team One has the theme, “Managing Diversity for National Development in Rwanda: Lessons for Nigeria,”

The participants have been divided into six teams, according to the College’s Public Relations Officer, Navy Capt. Chinwe Umar, on Wednesday in Abuja.

She said while in Kigali, Rwanda on Wednesday, the team met with the country’s Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Mubarakh Muganga.

The Commandant of NDC, Rear Adm. Olumuyiwa Olotu, said the study tour was an integral part of the college’s curriculum on  international affairs and regional studies.

Olotu said the tour was envisioned to promote functional understanding of the regional environment for security and development.

He added that the objective was to facilitate participants’ understanding of specific contemporary themes of human security and development and analyse the dynamics of geo-political and and bilateral relations with Nigeria.

Other objectives, he said are to facilitates participants’ understanding of international politics and how it impacts African countries.

Olotu added that it would broaden their appreciation of crucial issues of geo-politics, it’s social and economic importance on the global arena and how these impact on Nigeria’s National Security and Development.

The Commandant said that the participants were expected to draw lessons for Nigeria’s security and development.

“The essence of the tour is to acquaint participants with an understanding of the dynamics of international and regional relations, as exemplified in the various lectures and the seminars already conducted in the Module.

“The visit is designed to enable the participants conduct in-depth research, critical analysis with data, interrogate efforts and strategies employed by GoR to manage diversity in promoting national unity for enhanced National Development.

“Hence, the topic for the tour is “Managing Diversity for National Development in Rwanda: Lessons for Nigeria,” he said.

Olotu said the team was there to examine various efforts and policies of the government in managing diversity in Rwanda through various socio-economic development policies.

He said that participants were expected to present their findings, bringing out the peculiarities of Rwanda based on first-hand information, analysis and data obtained during the tour.

The Rwandan CDS, Muganga, commended the commandant of NDC Nigeria for leading the delegation to Rwanda, adding that that Rwanda and Nigeria had strong bond.

He said the country was working hard to balance the genocide issue and unite the people.

The Rwandan CDS said they have been managing situations in which people who committed genocide are residing with their victims.

“It is a situation we sometimes find very disturbing, but the country is working on it and building on national unity,” the Rwandan defence chief added. (NAN) (www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Maharazu Ahmed

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