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April 22, 2024
You are currently viewing Expert gives tips on early detection, cure for cancer

Expert gives tips on early detection, cure for cancer

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By Justina Auta
Dr Oyesakin Adewumi, a Pediatric Consultant at the National hospital, has highlighted the need for early detection, access to sustainable healthcare as measures for treatment and cure of childhood cancer.
Oyesakin stated this on the sideline of a cancer walk organised by Akanimo Cancer Foundation on Friday in Abuja.
She explained that children also suffered cancer diseases of which 60 per cent causes of such were genetic.
She added other causes to include  exposure to smoke, unwholesome diet, poisonous substances, among others.
The expert, therefore, advised parents and guardians to disregard myths and beliefs surrounding witchcrafts as causes of cancer.
“Causes of cancer all over the world are unknown, but we have few factors associated to it; such as exposure to smoke, poisonous substances like Benzine, living close to electrical mast and telecommunication.
“Some of these things are just postulations as causes of cancer. But in children, we know that more than 60 per cent are genetic.
“This means that these children are born with it and as they begin to grow, the symptoms and signs begin to show.
“For instance a case,  nephroblastoma which is the cancer of the kidney, the children are born with it.
“By the time they get to age two or four, we begin to see the swelling in the abdomen.
“This is because the child may not even be sick and it is one of the treatable cancer that has been cured in children when it is diagnosed early and prompt treatment,” she said.
According to the pediatrician, the common signs and symptoms is just like any other signs and symptoms of other infections such as persistent fever, recurrent infection, and a child looking white pale, needing blood from time to time.
“When you see a child with recurrent infection presented to the hospital being diagnosed of malaria, typhoid times without number, it is time for that physician to refer the child to tertiary institution.
” It is there that proper assessment can be made to rule out possibility of childhood cancer,” she said.
She, therefore, stressed the need for parents and guardians not to disregard any reoccurring ailments in their children and seek immediate medical attention.
“The role of early detection in the management of childhood cancer can not be overemphasised because when children are seen early and diagnosed properly, we are able to implement the right line of treatment.
“And with that, the survival rate is much higher even in children than in adults.
“We have children that were presented early for childhood cancer in the past that have been successfully treated, cured and are back in school.
“Some have even graduated from the university,” she said. (NAN) (www.nannews.ng)
Edited by Abiemwense Moru/Vivian Ihechu
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