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April 22, 2024
You are currently viewing “Gidan Yanci” inaugurates 10 fellows to champion democratic reforms in Kaduna

“Gidan Yanci” inaugurates 10 fellows to champion democratic reforms in Kaduna

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By Sani Idris

Kaduna, March 2, 2024 (NAN) The Gidan Yanci Fellowship programme, an advocate for democratic reforms, has inaugurated 10 fellows to champion democratic reforms in Kaduna State and Nigeria.

Programme Lead of the fellowship, Mr Mohammed Yayandi, said at the two-day orientation and inauguration of the fellows in Kaduna on Saturday, that the participants were selected for their passion for democratic change.

Yayandi explained that the programme was designed to empower dynamic young leaders to champion the cause of “Deepening Democratic Engagement and Countering Authoritarianism through Creative Advocacy”.

According to him, the fellowship stands as a beacon for passionate individuals with a shared commitment to driving positive change in their communities.

He added that the programme would also empower young leaders to champion human rights, democratic values, and resist suppression and intolerance.

“Throughout the project’s duration, participants are expected to contribute ideas aimed at increasing youth participation in politics, and community improvement.

“They fellows are expected to also promote accountability and transparency in governance through advocacy for democratic reforms and policy oversight,” he said.

One of Gidan Yanci Alumna, Miss Grace Hosea, described the programme as a motivating platform for young people to engage in discussions about issues directly impacting their lives.

This, according to her, is empowering young people to align current political contexts and democratic structures within their communities.

Mr Idris Fulatan, one of the new fellows, noted that many youths feel disconnected from the government due to the largely exclusive governance structure in the country.

Fulatan, who commended that initiative, stressed that young people were yearning for change but uncertain about how to initiate it.

“When you look at this programme as structured by Gidan Yanci, it gives youths the chance to understand that they too can make remarkable changes in their societies.

“This is against the current attitude of waiting for others to bring about the change they all desire,” he said.

He expressed optimism that achieving the programmes core objectives would usher in significant democratic reforms in Kaduna state and the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Gidan Yanci Fellowship programme is a 6-month non-residential initiative that trains and mentors young citizens’ activists to push for democratic reforms. (NAN)

Edited by Philip Yatai

Philip Daniel Yatai

Principal Correspondent, NAN Abuja
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