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April 14, 2024
You are currently viewing NAN, PRNigeria to collaborate on fact-checking for credible reportage
From left: Yushau Shuaib, Editor-in-Chief/CEO IMPR and Mal. Ali M Ali, Managing Director of NAN

NAN, PRNigeria to collaborate on fact-checking for credible reportage

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By Philomina Attah

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), has pledged to collaborate with Image Merchants Promotion Limited (IMPR), the publishers of PRNigeria, on fact-checking, to promote credible news and counter misinformation.

The Managing Director of NAN, Ali M. Ali said this when officials of IMPR paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja on Wednesday.
Ali said that the partnership would add value to the credibility of both organisations.

He said that IMPR was a reputable media organisation that has been doing commendable works in the media industry for many years.

“PRNigeria has helped in shaping public opinion because what you get from them is the authentic just like getting your news from NAN.

“So, we have a common vision, a common ground.

“NAN will partner with any reputable organisation for fact-checking and yours is reputable and it has won laurels not just at home but globally,” he added.

The managing director said that NAN was being re-enegised to enhance its standing as the foremost and reliable media organisation in Africa.

“What we are trying to do in NAN currently is to rekindle its lost glory.
“NAN is literally self-sufficient, here we have seasoned journalists that are highly trained.”

Ali added that the Agency plans to conduct more training and retraining for its members of staff to make them super reporters.

“What we envisage is to have super reporters just like you become a super publisher with so many publications to your name.

“In NAN, we will take a step to reopen some of our closed offices. We want to take NAN back to its lost glory as the leading news content provider in Africa, as the most authentic news source in the country.

“So here, we have a partnership.”

Earlier, the Editor-in-chief and CEO, IMPR, Yushau Shuaib, said that the visit was to propose a strategic partnership focusing on fact-checking and misinformation counternarratives with NAN using its extensive network.

He added that by partnering with IMPR, NAN could benefit from access to high-quality fact-checking tools, and authoritative reports while promoting media literacy and fact-checking awareness among the public.

“We are confident that this partnership will not only benefit both organisations, but also contribute significantly to the fight against misinformation and the promotion of a more informed Nigeria,” Shuaib added.

According to him, in the current information age, accurate and trustworthy news is critical for informed decision-making and combating the spread of harmful information.

“IMPR is recognised for its top-notch expertise in fact-checking and crafting compelling counter-narratives.

“We utilise a rigorous verification process and employ strategic communication techniques to debunk false narratives and promote factual and authoritative information.

“We believe this expertise aligns perfectly with NAN’s core mission of providing credible and objective news to the Nigerian public and the international community,” he said. (NAN)

Edited by Maharazu Ahmed

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