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April 14, 2024
You are currently viewing ’Colour Me Mad’ advocacy play against domestic violence premieres in FCT

’Colour Me Mad’ advocacy play against domestic violence premieres in FCT

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By Esther Mamudu

‘Colour Me Mad’, an advocacy play aimed at raising awareness against domestic violence has premiered in the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) .

The premiere, organised by Pyros Academy in collaboration with Orange Poetry, held at the Dike Chukwumerije Centre on Friday in Abuja.

The three-part play titled “Colour Me Mad: The Ego and Femi story”, featured Tamara Dogubo and Falade Oluwaseun co-founders of Pyros Academy, among other stars, with fans drawn from different parts of the FCT.

The performance explored the challenges of toxic relationships, and also projected the importance of empathy, understanding, support for healthier relationships among mutually abusive couples.

Dogubo told NAN on the sidelines that the event was a platform to use poetry as a tool for advocacy and tackling issues surrounding domestic violence and other social vices in society.

“The focus of this live production is domestic violence and we are passionate about advocacy as we believe it is a task we have been given as poets.

“There is no doubt , with art, we can help build a better the society.

“Sometimes, domestic violence can be handled through counseling or therapy but if your partner is not willing to make it work, seek legal redress.

“Leave when you still have life, because you deserve to stay alive,” She said.

Also, Oluwaseun, popularly known as ‘’Pariolodo, said the play, staged to mark the 2024 International Women’s Day. was inspired by a true life story, and was presented to give succour to victims of domestic violence

“My older sister experienced domestic violence and it was something that broke my mother and myself, and to a great extent, I can relate with it.”

“Even men are abused , so with this production, we sought to create a balance, showing how both genders can be victims, not just the woman even though it is International Women’s Day.

“Because of society standard, it is difficult for men to come out to say thy have been abused.

“While we are telling women to walk away, if need be, we are also telling them, to do better in their relationships with men,” he said. (NAN) (nannews.ng)

Edited by Ekemini Ladejobi

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