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April 23, 2024
You are currently viewing IWD: Group calls for more women inclusion in politics, others
A group photograph of members of Women of Integrity National Assembly at an event to celebrate 2024 International Women's Day in Abuja on Saturday.

IWD: Group calls for more women inclusion in politics, others

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By Naomi Sharang

The Leader of Women of Integrity National Assembly (WIN), Mrs Hassana Danjuma, has called for inclusion of more women in politics and other spheres of life.

Danjuma made the call at an event to mark the 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration in Abuja on Saturday,

She said the call was necessary, to enable the womenfolk to contribute their quota to nation building.

On the campaign theme of the 2024 IWD, “Inspired Inclusion”, Danjuma stressed the need for women to be inspired to explore their potential.

She further urged women to inspire themselves to thrive in the male-dominated political space, particularly in Nigeria.

“We are here today to encourage women to come together and have one voice. By having one voice, we will get there.”

She decried that women were not giving female politicians adequate support to contribute to governance.

“Women supporting women; we really are not doing that.

“It is not by saying it, we should put more action for us to get there.

“We are out to inspire ourselves and to include ourselves where we belong,” she said.

She called on government and other stakeholders to ensure that the society adhered to the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act.

Danjuma said that enforcing the law would reduce gender-based violence and other vices against women.

A member of the group, Mrs Taibat Akinbiyi-Dawodu, called on women to make themselves relevant in all spheres of life.

“As women, we have to show others that we are important; we know what we want and we know what we want to do.

“By doing this, people will recognise us, government will recognise us, and our husbands will know we have the capacity to lead.”

She urged women not to  relegate themselves to the background, calling on them to know their worth.

“We have to make ourselves relevant.

When we want to be included in anything, we have to show that we are ready.”

On declining number of female lawmakers,  Akinbiyi-Dawodu called on women to get “their arts right, from the grassroots”.

She urged men to give women a chance as their place was not just in the home.

The Convener of Available Woman Ministry, Abuja, Pastor Baiwa Kayili, said, “if a woman is well inspired, there is more to what she can do”.

She urged women to get the right information, idea, attitude and the right approach to doing things.

According to her, such qualities will guarantee their inclusion in decision making processes.

Kayili also urged women to be open to learning, and correction, adding that if not imbibed, the womenfolk would be excluded from national matters.

“If we are well equipped, we will be sought after and when opportunities present themselves I believe they will be properly utilised.

“Any woman that is well inspired will make use of opportunities available, to bring the best out of her.”

Mrs Vera Usigbe, a Senior Nurse,  Department of Public Health Services, National Assembly, urged women to take their health seriously.

Usigbe, who was the Keynote Speaker at the event, spoke on Pre and Post Menopause symptoms and management.

She said menopause was a biological process that if properly managed, would not result in complications.

“Menopause is a natural decline in reproductive hormones when a woman reaches her 40s or 50s.”

She said once a woman got to the age of 30,  she should begin to prepare her mind for menopause.

While noting that menopause could occur suddenly, Usigbe said that the signs included ‘hot flash’ .

Hot flash according to her, is a situation where a woman feels internal heat and mood changes.

She said if not properly managed, hot flash could lead to depression and poor mental health.

The keynote speaker said menopause symptoms could be managed in many ways, including life style change, hormone replacement therapy and managing stress.

Highpoint of the event was the presentation of cash gifts to widows, exchange of gifts among WIN members, free medical check and cutting of cake.(NAN)

Edited by Idris Abdulrahman

Philip Daniel Yatai

Principal Correspondent, NAN Abuja
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