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April 23, 2024
You are currently viewing Mining: Association advocates safe practices, use of improved technology
National President of the Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN), Mr Dele Ayanleke

Mining: Association advocates safe practices, use of improved technology

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By Martha Agas

The National President of the Miners Association of Nigeria (MAN), Mr Dele Ayanleke, has called for safe mining practices and improved technology to reposition the sector.

Ayanleke made the call in a paper he presented at the pre-conference and panel discussion of the 59th Annual International Conference and Exhibition (AICE) of the Nigeria Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) in Jos on Monday

The paper was titled “Unlocking the Wealth Creation Potential of the Artisanal And Small-scale Mining sub-sector through innovative implementation of a robust governance structure.”

He said that mining practices could be imbued in miners through capacity building, which was particularly crucial for Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM).

Ayanleke said that capacity building for ASM operators and mining operators would empower them to comply with best practices.

“By enhancing the skills and knowledge of ASM operators, they can improve productivity, adopt sustainable mining techniques, and access higher value markets,” he said.

He called on investors in technology and innovation to support the mining sector, adding that the move could significantly enhance the productivity and sustainability of ASM operations.

Ayanleke, however, urged the government and stakeholders to invest in affordable and environmentally- friendly mining technologies, such as mercury-free processing methods and efficient ore extraction techniques, to develop the sector

He said that unlocking the wealth creation potential of ASM required a multi-faceted approach that addressing factors such as governance, market access, finance, among other factors.

Ayanleke said that the first step towards unlocking the wealth creation potential of ASM was to formalise and regulate the sector.

According to him, the move involves establishing clear legal frameworks, licensing procedures, and environmental standards.

He said that formalisation was crucial to enable ASM operators to gain access to legal rights, financial services, and markets, while ensuring environmental sustainability and compliance with labour standards.

Ayanleke urged the government to support ASM cooperatives and associations in accessing formal markets, negotiating fair prices, and meeting quality standards.

The MAN president said that financial inclusion was critical to facilitate access to micro-credit facilities for ASM operators to expand their businesses.

“Governments can collaborate with financial institutions to develop tailored financial products, such as micro-loans and savings accounts, designed to meet the unique needs of ASM operators,” he said.

Ayanleke said that robust community engagement and stakeholder participation, in addition to the creation of wealth, would build harmony between the parties involved.

According to him, the government should enforce strict environmental regulations, promote reclamation and rehabilitation of mining sites, and invest in alternative livelihoods for communities dependent on mining.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the conference theme is “Emerging Global Perspectives, Trends and Sustainable Development of Minerals and Energy Resources and will end on March 22. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Nick Nicholas//Buhari Bolaji

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