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April 14, 2024
You are currently viewing No frosty relationship between APC diaspora, national headquarters–CDC PRO

No frosty relationship between APC diaspora, national headquarters–CDC PRO

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By Adeyemi Adeleye

The All Progressives Congress Committee of Diaspora Chairmen (APC-CDC) says there is no frosty relationship between the diaspora leadership and the APC National headquarters.

The APC-CDC Public Relations Officer, Chief Elias Abone, in a statement on Tuesday in Lagos, said that contrary to this speculation of discord, the Tunde Doherty-led APC-CDC was rather committed to cementing the relationship.

Abone, Chairman of APC Canada, emphasised the unity and integrity within the party’s leadership.

“Let it be unequivocally stated: there exists no frosty relationship between the CDC-APC and the APC headquarters,” Abone said.

He highlighted the diligence of the National Working Committees in fostering peace and reconciliation, ensuring fair elections for all members without favoritism.

According to him, of particular concern is the recent discourse surrounding the UK Congress.

Abone underscored that all actions were conducted transparently and within due process, with notices published for all members, devoid of bias toward any faction.

He further noted the unanimous agreement among interim committee members, including the chairman and secretary, on the election date slated for April 2024.

“The National Working Committee led by the National Secretary, Senator Ajibola Bashiru, was in the UK to unite all the factions and set up an interim committee with equal representation. Due process was followed by an acclamation voice vote,” he said.

Abone reaffirmed Doherty as the legitimate APC CDC chairman, elected through a fair and transparent process.

He clarified that the CDC executives, under Doherty’s leadership, had received full ratification and approval from the National Working Committee.

Cautioning the Chairman of APC-USA, Prof. Adesegun Labinjo, to desist from parading himself as APC-CDC chairman, Abone urged the public to discredit any statements or actions attributed to Labinjo.

He reiterated the party’s commitment to transparency, fairness, and unity.

The spokeman affirmed the diaspora leadership’s readiness to support peaceful and transparent elections in the UK.

He called for a collective responsibility to reject discord within the diaspora chapters and work toward the greater good of the party and the nation.

“With this decisive rebuttal, the APC leadership stands united, resolute in their dedication to upholding democratic principles and fostering harmony within the party,” he said.

Edited by Folasade Adeniran

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