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April 23, 2024
You are currently viewing Global Surveyors Day: Practitioners seek more support, patronage

Global Surveyors Day: Practitioners seek more support, patronage

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By Lydia Ngwakwe
Mr Olumide Adewebi, immediate past Vice-President International, Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS), has advocated increased support and recognition for the surveying profession.

Adewebi believes this will be of benefit to national development and security.

He spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Lagos, to commemorate the Global Surveyors Day 2024, celebrated March 21, every year.

The day is set aside to celebrate the contributions of surveyors and raise awareness about the profession.
The theme for this year’s celebration is, “Marking out Resilient Communities and the Wealth of the Nations.’’

Adewebi said that the profession was not getting enough clients or projects because people were not patronising them.

“Patronage is one of our biggest challenges. We are not alone in this regard as other sister professions are facing the same too,’’ he said.

He emphasised the need for projects involving surveying to engage local surveyors, noting that this would increase their business opportunities.

He said, “There is a need for all projects that have survey content to have surveyors who are indigenous to execute the same.

“Such patronage will afford us the opportunity to deliver better services.’’

He said that lack of understanding about what surveyors were doing and the tools they use also contributed to the profession not getting enough clients.

This, Adewebi said, had led to confusion among the public and even security forces.

“Often when working or in transit, we face the challenge of what our real mission is. This happens with the public and security agencies.

“We would like the government and the public to use our services and products to improve development and security in our nation,” he stressed.

He said that the best way for the profession to gain more opportunities was for the people to use them (Surveyors) and also publicise what they do.

Adewebi said, “We on our part are doing a lot in this regard.

“We have a catch them young programme that is run by our sub group, Women in Surveying’’.

“The institution is in constant collaboration with sister professions in the built environment industry, and we also embark on community outreach as well as appear on the electronic and print media organisations.

“You see the same way everyone tries to have a robust relationship with a doctor or lawyer, we should all have same with a Surveyor.’’ (NAN)

Edited by Oluwole Sogunle

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