Firm unveils App for seamless logistics services

Firazi Management Team at the launch of the Firazi App on Wednesday in Lagos
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By Oluwafunke Ishola

A startup tech company, Uleval Technology, says it will ease the operational challenges in the logistics and haulage industry with the introduction of its Firazi Saas software.

Mr Adebisi Gbenga, Managing Partner, Uleval Technology, speaking at the inauguration of the Firazi App on Wednesday in Lagos, said the platform would ensure smooth operational delivery in the freight industry.

Gbenga noted that the software platform was a solution developed with a deep understanding of the needs of both customers and businesses in the logistic services.

He said the platform would facilitate a smooth customer experience by tracking the movement of order in real-time, from one point to another, and prompt receipt of order with little to no interactions with the sender.

“Over the past five years, we as a startup have been on a journey of birthing innovation, and developing apps aimed at boosting the economy.

“In our quest, we noticed a vacuum and the need for accountability, transparency, and flexibility in order fulfillment. The response to this vacuum birth Firazi,” he said.

According to him, the firm collaborates with businesses using the solution provider application on their platform for a smooth operational experience.

Gbenga added that the software would assist business owners reduce operational cost by eliminating the need to hire an information technology team and the cost of building an app from scratch.

“You can jump on Firazi and right from there you can begin your business,” he said.

Also, Emmanuel Adedeji, Firazi’s Business Consultant, said the App would give hands-on information regarding staff, asset management, especially for warehouses or logistics business.

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“So, Firazi is going to help you save costs. It’s going to optimise your spending.

“And for individuals who are going to be using our peer-to-peer app, it is going to put money into your pocket, and it is going to help you deliver your merchandise globally, as quickly as possible, and in a safe manner,” Adedeji said.

Firazi’s Analyst, Dada Abiola, said that the security features of the App include an encryption module and a Global Positioning System tracking system to bolster safety and navigation. (NAN)(

Edited by Chinyere Joel-Nwokeoma

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