Hypertension: COWA distributes 200 BP monitors to customs officers

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By Martha Agas

The Customs Officers Wives Association (COWA), has distributed more than 200 Blood Pressure (BP) monitors to customs officers and its members.

The monitors were distributed at the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) headquarters during its medical outreach on Friday in Abuja.

The distribution was part of the association’s activities to mark the World Hypertension Day.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that during the outreach, COWA members and NCS personnel were screened of BP, health talks and counselling were also provided at the event.

Speaking at the event, the President of COWA, Mrs Kikelomo Adeniyi, said that the event was organised to sensitise members and custom’s personnel to hypertension which would enable them make informed decision about their lifestyle.

Adeniyi, who described hypertension as a silent killer that affects millions worldwide, emphasised that proactive steps must be taken to address the situation.

“It is crucial that we recognise the importance of understanding this condition, empowering ourselves with knowledge, and taking proactive steps towards prevention and management,” she said.

She said that COWA members have a duty to ensure their spouses check their BP regularly and accurately, to prevent future complications and breakdown at work.

She said that the 2024 theme, ‘Measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, and live longer’ was apt in emphasising the importance of early detection of the disease to ensure those affected take the necessary steps.

“Through simple and accessible methods such as manual or digital blood pressure monitors, individuals can empower themselves to stay informed about their health status and make informed decisions about their well-being.

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“Furthermore, controlling hypertension requires a multi-faceted approach that encompasses lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and medical interventions,” she said.

The president further said COWA has a pivotal role to play in promoting awareness and advocating for the well-being of its communities.

“Through education, outreach programmes, and partnerships with healthcare providers, we can empower individuals to take charge of their health, seek regular screenings, and adhere to treatment plans prescribed by their healthcare professionals, “she said.

She reaffirmed COWA’s commitment to promoting good health practices and supporting those affected by hypertension.

In his remarks, the Comptroller General (C-G) of NCS, Adewale Adeniyi, commended COWA for organising the event aimed at creating awareness of the disease.

Represented by Festus Okun, the DCG in Charge of Finance Administration and Technical Services, he said that most personnel were overwhelmed in the discharge of their duties with little attention given to their health.

Adeniyi, who advised the personnel to go for regular checks as their duties could be stressful, urged them to also adopt a healthy lifestyle.

He thanked COWA for organising the event, adding that it was a demonstration of their support in ensuring their spouses contributed their quota to national growth.

In his presentation, a consultant and family physician, Dr Adesida Adewunmi, said reports indicate that in Nigeria, 76 million people have hypertension, but only 26 million are receiving treatment.

Adewunmi said that even though hypertension could be hereditary, habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption could contribute to having the disease.

He added that a sedentary lifestyle, inadequate sleep, drug abuse and misuse, and excessive consumption of salt and sugar could make people susceptible to hypertension.

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He advised that daily exercise of at least 30 minutes, seven to nine hours of sleep, regular sex at least three times a week for married couples were necessary.

Adewunmi also said that maintaining a healthy body mass index, and regular medical check-ups, among other factors, could prevent hypertension.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the World Hypertension Day is observed globally on May 17, with the aim to create awareness and promote the prevention, detection and treatment of hypertension.(NAN)(nannews.ng)

Edited by Abiemwense Moru

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