Ekpo seeks greater investments in gas facilities

Mr Ekperikpe Ekpo, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Gas)
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By Emmanuella Anokam

The Minister of State Petroleum Resources (Gas), Mr Ekperikpe Ekpo, has urged Midstream and Downstream Gas Infrastructure Fund (MDGIF) Council members to invest more in cutting-edge gas processing facilities in the country.

The Minister said this on Friday at the ongoing retreat and governing council meeting for the MDGIF in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom.

He also urged the council members to make inclusivity and collaboration top priorities in decision-making.

Ekpo, in a statement by his Spokesman, Louis Ibah, said investments in infrastructure projects, which were essential to the effective distribution, transportation and use of natural gas throughout Nigeria should be stimulated by the MDGIF.

He emphasised the need for the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as substitute fuels for cooking and transportation.

According to him, the construction of gas processing plants remains critical to increasing the value of the country’s natural gas resources.

“These plants are critical in separating and purifying raw gas streams, resulting in commercial products such as methane, ethane, propane and butane.

“By investing in cutting-edge gas processing facilities, we can improve the quality and quantity of gas supplies available for local consumption and export, thus driving economic growth and attracting investment in the area.

“Through encouraging the use of LPG for home use and CNG for transportation, we can lessen our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce air pollution and enhance public health outcomes.

“In order to do this, we must give top priority to building LPG distribution networks and CNG refueling stations around the country, ensuring that these clean energy sources are available and reasonably priced for everyone,” he said.

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Ekpo commended MDGIF Council members for their hard work and dedication in furthering the goals of the Council.

He said such efforts should, however, be linked with the larger goals of inclusive growth, job creation and poverty alleviation.

The Gas Minister lauded President Bola Tinubu for the recent commissioning of the AHL Gas Processing Plant 2 (GPP-2) ANOH Gas Processing Plant (AGPC)23.3km X 36”’ANOH-OB3 CTMS Gas Pipeline Project.

He said following the successful commissioning of these three projects, the president had directed that all critical gas projects in country would adopt the theme “From Gas to Prosperity, Renewed Hope” going forward. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Salif Atojoko

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