AU 2063 Assembly urges policy, Tech investment for Africa’s growth

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By Justina Auta

The African Union Agenda 2063 Ambassadorial Assembly has advocated for implementing policies and investing in technology to enhance global competitiveness and sustainable economic growth in Africa.

Stephen Benjoel, Chairperson of the assembly, made this call at a press briefing on Monday in Abuja to commemorate the 2024 African Union Day celebration with the theme “Educating an African Fit for the 21st Century.”

Benjoel noted the importance of the African Union Agenda 2063, aimed at achieving inclusive and sustainable development across Africa.

“We recognise that Africa’s biggest challenge has been the implementation of policies. To address this, we are working diligently with various governments and stakeholders.

“Our approach includes data gathering, providing awards and honors, securing strategic funding through international and regional partners, and escalating critical issues to ensure progress.

“Our goal is not just to be diplomats but to dignify Africa and elevate our continent to new heights,” he said.

He also announced that the assembly would confer the investiture of Ambassadors on July 24-25 to align the Renewed Hope Agenda of the current government with the African Union Agenda 2063.

“We believe that through total literacy and education, we can empower Africans to compete globally and achieve our collective goals,” he added.

Dr Mustapha Adeolu, Director General of the Chartered Institute of Information and Strategy, emphasised the need for Nigeria to reduce its reliance on minerals and invest more in technology to keep pace with developed nations.

“There is a need for us to bring in technology. Our universities should start offering courses that provide better education for future Africans, such as artificial intelligence, data mining, and data thinking.

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“These courses can shape Africa and take us to where we want to be by 2063. Our universities should add value to students so they stop graduating as job seekers and become job creators,” he said.

Joseph Ibeh, Clerk of the Assembly, highlighted that Nigeria has capable and smart human capital that can transform the continent’s challenges into sustainable economic growth.

“That is why we are striving to get it right. Our youths are derailing because we adopt things that are not African, and we try to become them.

“Africans need to understand the importance of educating themselves for the 21st century to meet the goals and aspirations of the AU Agenda 2063,” he said.

Ms. Amarachikwu Tecula-Orakwe, Head of Communication and Public Relations at the African School of Diplomacy & International Affairs, said the awardees would serve as ambassadors of the assembly.

“The idea is to confer ambassadorial titles on individuals based on their achievements in various industries. They will join us in driving the AU Agenda 2063 Ambassadorial Assembly,” she said. (NAN)

Edited by Halima Sheji

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