June 25, 2021


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Lifestyle coach raises concern over lack of etiquette among young people

An Etiquette Life Coach and Fashion Entrepreneur, Etienying Akpanusong expresses concerns over lack of etiquette among some teenagers and young adults.

By Alex Enebeli

An Etiquette Life Coach and Fashion Entrepreneur, Etienying Akpanusong has expressed concerns over lack of etiquette among some teenagers and young adults.

Akpanusong who spoke during a virtual ‘Book Taste’ event held to mark her 33rd birthday, also announced her upcoming book titled: ‘My Etiquette and I’.

“I think times have evolved, etiquette is commonsensical and I will not need to write a book on it if common sense is common as it should be.

“Parents of today are not in charge of their children as they should be or used to be in the past decade.

“They seem to be so busy these days that they do not have the time to invest and spend with their children to guide them in the right path of life.

“And there is a stage a child gets to, you cannot influence them anymore,” she said.

Akpanusong expressed optimism that the book would help its readers maneuver their ways from social, formal manners and social media.

She equated etiquette to good manners that required people to be respectful, considerate of others and desisting from actions which could hurt them.

Addressing the loss of etiquette among youths, she attributed it to `evolving times factor’.

Akpanusong noted that beyond helping people cultivate good social manners, the book would open up opportunities and doors to places they could only imagine.

“My Etiquette and I is a manual to prepare us to set ourselves up for opportunities when they present themselves,” she added.

According to her, the book is targeted at teenagers, young adults and adults.

She added that etiquette differed from culture to culture globally which provided tips on how to adapt in such circumstances.

“A section on international protocol explains the broad aspects of etiquette. The onus is on you to fortify yourself on the culture you find yourself and then comply.

“What you deem right in your environment will not be applicable to others, so you prepare yourself to fit in,” she said.

Akpanusong said she began her etiquette life coach during her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) days where she ran a PET project that trained over 500 youths.

She further deployed her social media platforms to start her personal coaching etiquette and had them also published on print media.

She further said that it took her three years to write the book, adding that it comprised three chapters, which focused on Formal Protocols, General Etiquette and Social Skills. (NAN)

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