Nigeria will prosper inspite of economic downturn-cleric

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By Naomi Sharang

Pastor-in- Charge of Summit Bible Church, Kubwa, Dan Anorue, has said that Nigeria will prosper inspite of the economic downturn occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy.

He made the remarks at the celebration of the Church’s 18th anniversary with the theme “Flourish” held on Sunday.

Delivering his sermon with emphasis from the Book of Psalms 92:12, the cleric said that it was only the righteous that shall flourish “like a palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon”.

He urged christians not to be deterred by the economic challenges saying that as citizens of Nigeria, “things must change.

“We must flourish in this nation. To flourish means to boom, blossom and  prosper which is the will of God for every believer.

“We are seeing beyond the challenges of hardship occasioned by the removal of subsidy. We are faith people. We know the plans of God for this nation is enormous.

“God has so blessed this nation. This is a good land. God is interested in the affairs of this nation.

“We know the word of God has already prevailed. Jesus has given us the victory. We know that the church is matching forward. We know that the land is good, that the land is prospering.”

He further said that this was a time for the faithful to take responsibility;a time to breakout and a time to breakthrough.

“It’s time to do things not just like before but to see that the glory of God is diffused to people around us. People should see us as matured Christians,” Anorue said.

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Speaking on the 18th anniversary of the church, Anorue said that God has  so grown the church in terms of spiritual and numerical increase.

“We are so happy that we have been built in good faith; in God’s Word; in His knowledge. So we can go there to flourish, just like the word has said we should go flourish like a palm tree and grow like the cedar in Lebanon.”

On his part, the guest minister, pastor Kunle Ladejobi who frowned at Japa syndrome, said that Nigeria has got both human and natural resources to flourish.

“I like my country, even when I go, I’m coming back. Nigeria must deliver to us. We will fulfill purpose, we will please God,” he said.

While quoting the Holy Scripture from the Book of Genesis Chapter 26 verse 12, Ladejobi said that in spite of hunger in the land, Christians would still prosper.

“In famine, if you remember clearly in famine, Isaac in the Bible sowed and he received hundredfold.

“So, God is able to guide you even where there is no water to where water is.”

He urged the faithful to focus their attention on God who has all the solution man needed to prosper.

“Even when things are going so expensive, God is able to provide for His own. We need to rely on God, follow His direction and instruction and we will receive His provision.”

For one of the pioneer members of the church, Mrs Odinakaonye Lagi, 18 years has being a journey which she described as a good one.

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“This is because one thing about Summit Kubwa that makes it enduring and standing strong is the way members are closely knitted together.

“It’s hard to walk away because of how close everybody is together,” she said.

She urged christians to remain steadfast in the challenging times saying that “in this time, it is what the Bible predicted that the times are coming to an end. In spite of all, we know He’s always there with us, we will overcome.”

Also speaking, the Chairman of the occasion, Mr Kingsley Akwudolu said that it was a fantastic moment for the church at 18.

“We give all glory to God. This 18th anniversary has being glorious.”

Highlight of the anniversary was special performances and cutting of anniversary cake.(NAN)(


Edited by Sadiya Hamza

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